We are Farmer, Real Estate Developer and IT Organization. Based in Pune we are developing real estate projects in Pune and we are incubating few IT start-ups.

As a farmer we are experienced in large scale farming of more than 100 acres. We have previously taken production of Grapes, Banana Sugarcane Orange Watermelon Muskmelon Custard Apple Papaya and many other fruits and vegetables such as Tomato Capsicum Carrot Cauliflower Brinjal Onion Bitter Gourd Pumpkin Cabbage Coriander leaf Corn Celery Cluster Beans French Beans Cucumber Curry Leaf Fenugreek Leaf Garlic Ginger Green chilli Lady’s finger Mustard greens Green Peas Peppermint Potato Spinach and many more vegetables

Farmyy is the centre of our farming activities and we have launched Farmyy farms in a small portion of our entire irrigated farm area. Here at least 350 People can get a farm or invest in land which is irrigated and suitable for farming, Investing or buying a farm land at Farmyy is fun.

your investment grows in land and your farm will be irrigated by us, once the crop is ready to harvest you can enjoy the farm fresh vegetables with your own family

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